The persian name for Cappadocia means

„Land of the beautiful horses“

Explore Cappadocia, UNESCO world heritage site, which is famous for it's geological, historical and cultural features. Vulcanic eruptions and erosion over 10 000 years have formed the bizarr and unique landscape with its Fairy Chimneys – spikes of volcanic tuff. Byzantine christians have carved curches, houses and whole underground cities which could be closed off when being attacked into the soft stone, following generations have continued to use these caves up to the present day. Discover the amazing landscape and history on horseback. With more than 20 years of experience in organising and guiding trail rides for guest from all over the world we can offer our expertise to create a unique and memorable holiday for you.

Cappadocia Highlights

Stationary ride · Stay in comfortable Saddle Cave Hotel in a historic town · See the highlights of Cappadocia in one week, like rose-red valley, white valley and love valley · Visit to Göreme Open Air Museum and performance of whirling dervishes included.

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Fairy Chimney Trail

4 nights stay at a comfortable Saddle Cave Hotel in a historic town ·  4 camping in stunning landscape amongst fairy chimneys · Comfortable tents, facilities and catering are provided at campsites · Leave the beaten tracks, see remote valleys and villages where few tourists  · Fast rides.

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Special Ride 2019

Each year, we are going on a special ride with just a few guests. We will load the horses and transfer them to other areas of Turkey where we will discover historical routes or follow the hoofprints of historic travellers.

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Individual Arrangements

These tours do not exactly match your plans? Please contact us for special arrangements. We can offer riding lessons, day rides for different levels of riding experience also outside our riding season.

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Leaving nothing but a hoofprint...

Cappadocia, outstanding beauty, sculptured by nature over 10.000s of years, inhabited by mankind for thousands of year having left their traces.
What is our part in this history? We would like to show you the beauty and the cultural heritage of this ancient area – but are we not a part of it's destruction by doing that? How can we do to preserve nature and history for our children? Probably there is no perfect solution but we do what we can to leave the area we are riding as untouched as possible.

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Riding & Yoga

Combine great riding with relaxing yoga on this fun and unique horse riding and yoga holiday. Enjoy full days of riding with the opportunity to ease those riding muscles with relaxing and rejuvenating yoga at the end of the day.

The yoga sessions are suitable for all levels of experience including complete beginners and experienced yogis. The classes will be focused on preparing the body and mind for riding, easing tired muscles after riding and will allow the rider to feel centered, relaxed and calm. Yoga also helps with body alignment, focus and balance which is why it complements riding so well.

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Friends and hospitality

Turkey is famous for it's hospitality and we would like you to experience this hospitality throughout your holiday. Whereever we ride, we often meet people who stop their work, come to see the horses and to ask where we are going and will even insist that we try the fresh fruit from the trees in their gardens. On our rides we will have meals or stop for tea in local restaurants.

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