Meeting friends and hospitality

Friends and hospitality

Turkey is famous for it's hospitality and we would like you to experience this hospitality throughout your holiday. Wherever we ride, we often meet people who stop their work, come to see the horses and to ask where we are going and will even insist that we try the fresh fruit from the trees in their gardens. On our rides we will have meals or stop for tea in local restaurants.

Even on camping trails our team will make sure that everything is ready on our arrival. We would like you to feel like friends and our friends should not miss any comfort and attention when staying with us.  On the camping sites, the tents will be set up and ready for you. Each has a soft mattress and pillows ready. Your luggage will have been brought to the campsite for you and a trailer with shower and toilet is ready to use.

In the kitchen, our cook is preparing the evening meal. You can just relax, enjoy a drink by the campfire and watch the sunset before we sit down at the big table to eat and chat. In the morning, our team looks after the horses, while we have breakfast to strengthen us for a new day.