Having fun riding – not an adrenalin rush

From riders for riders

We are riders – like you – and we would like to invite you to come with us on a memorable and exciting ride. We enjoy lively canters and the adventure of finding a path in untouched country. Our top priority is your safety and the safety of our horses. We do our best to reach this goal, even it we know that there will always be a risk left.

We believe that experienced and well trained horses are the key to safety. We make sure that our horses are kept in adequate conditions, that they are fit and trained for the physical demands and considerate, „knowing their job“. We ensure only to use equipment that is proven and tested. We recommend our guests to wear helmets and we can provide helmets if needed.

Further than that, we would like to trust your personal responsibility. We like you to be honest about your riding experience and perhaps your concerns and we like you to treat our horses with the same respect and care you would do with any horse. If you feel unsure whether your ability matches the demands of the ride or if you should feel uncomfortable with your horse, Ercihan can surely help you. With his decades of riding with different people from all over the world he has developed a great sense of humans and horses. He will be able to advise you or find a solution for the problem. A lot of people are concerned it they will be able to ride for several hours on an unknown horse. Usually they are amazed how easy it was. Some general fitness and even stamina might be helpful but you might find the riding not as demanding as a dressage lesson.