Happy horses are the best partners for riding 


We believe that happy horses are the best partners for riding off the beaten tracks. Our horses live as a group in a paddock, they are balanced through constant social contacts and being free to move around. They are carefully fed according to their individual needs and have constant access to fresh water. If the weather is very hot, they get a temporary paddock set up by the river bank where the river cools down the air and trees provide plenty of shade. They clearly enjoy their holiday!

Horses are individuals, each of them has it's own character. We have calmer horses for less experienced or anxious riders and more spirited horses for experienced riders. What they have in common it that they are considerate, sure-footed and fit for their job. Several of our horses compete in endurance rides over different distances. The health of endurance horses is carefully checked by an independent vet before, during and after each competition. Any injury, any sign of exhaustion leads to immediate disqualification. Any successfully finished ride is the result of careful training, which is also an excellent preparation for long trail rides. 

Of course we ensure that all our horses, wether they compete or not, receive careful training, all medical attention they need. We take great care that hoofs are trimmed regularly by a reliable farrier.