What is our part in this history?

Leaving nothing but a hoofprint...

Cappadocia, outstanding beauty, sculptured by nature over 10.000s of years, inhabited by mankind for thousands of years. Generations have left their traces here. What is our part in this history? We would like to show you the beauty and the cultural heritage of this ancient area – but are we not a part of it‘s destruction by doing that? How can we do to preserve nature and history for our children? Probably there is no perfect solution but we do what we can to leave the area we are riding in as untouched as possible.

You will stay in a Saddle Cave Hotel in Urgup. The hotel has carefully renovated old houses, partly built into the rock to form comfortable and individually shaped hotel rooms. In this way the character of the old town is carefully preserved and can be continued to be used. Rooms are furnished with care, using many natural materials. Due to the insulating properties of the thick rock, the rooms are pleasantly cool without the use of air conditioning. Of course the hotel is considerate about the use of energy and water.

On our rides, especially when having a picnic or camping, we will not leave any rubbish behind, we take everything back to dispose it properly and try to avoid waste where ever possible. It is not always possible to avoid artificial materials, as e.g. plastic bottles are the safest option for taking water on the ride. On longer rides we will refill the bottles for our riders to avoid extra waste.

You will see Ercihan talk to villagers where ever we pass and often the subject will be how looking after the environment and the cities will attract visitors for a long time. On our trail rides we will try to buy fruit, vegetables, eggs and so on from the local villagers. This way you will eat fresh and home-grown food and we support the local farmers with some extra income.