Traditions and craftsmanship 


We all love traditions and craftsmanship. Ercihan has been collecting antique Turkish saddles and riding gear for years. You will be amazed to see his collection. However, time has moved on and today horses and riders benefit from new scientific findings and modern materials. Thus, we constantly test and improve our equipment - to be comfortable for horse and rider. And, of course, to match our standards of quality.

We use different types of trail riding and military saddles which are comfortable for long rides. Saddle bags for rain-protection and other personal items are provided. An extra bag for water bottle is also part of the equipment. For some saddles we use wool felt pads. This thick and dense fabric is produced locally and is traditionally used by shepherds as cloak protecting them against the cold at night. It has proven to be an excellent material for saddle pads as it shapes to the horses body and absorbs the sweat.

On our last long ride we have tested a ROC-Saddle. These lightweight trail riding saddles are produced by a german company and we were very impressed with the concept and how well they can be fitted to suit the need of each horse. We are now planning to exchange some older saddles with ROC-saddles.