Our horses

Anadolu, Born 2002

Anatolian-Akhal-Teke cross mare. Ercihan's horse and dear friend. Anadolu is spirited and fast running but will never run off even if left walking around.

Elis, Born 2002

Arabian / Anatolian cross mare. Elis got very ill several years ago suffering from severe laminitis and for three days it seemed likely that she would die. But she decided to live and with special shoeing, she is happy to join us on any ride. She is very considerate where she sets her feet, especially on stony ground and is an ideal horse for anxious riders.

Tuvana, Born 2007

Arabian mare. Tuvana is a successful endurance horse finishing 60 km. She has a very sweet, eager temperament. She enjoys fast canters and needs a steady rider.

Kelebek, Born 2007

Arabian mare. Kelebek is a bit taller and a bit stronger built than the average Arabian. Her steady canter and her sweet temper make her an ideal horse for taller and less experienced riders.

Zenobia, Born 2004

Arabian mare. Zenobia started her career at the race-course like her famous father and is now successful in endurance rides finishing 100 km. She is a fast and spirited horse and a great pleasure for experienced riders.

Zeyna, Born 2008

Arabian mare. Zeyna is a small, friendly horse with a fine and delicate confirmation. She is attentive and easy to control which makes her the favourite for many women. Zeyna is a successful endurance horse finishing 60 km.

Melek, Born 2001

Arabian / Anatolian cross mare. Melek sometimes has this look on her face as if she couldn't be bothered but she is an extremely experienced and reliable trail horse, also for taller and less confident riders.

Yildiz, Born 2007

Arabian / Anatolian mare. Yildiz is easy to recognize by her stragely shaped blaze. She is a strong, calm and considerate horse but when she takes a decision, she can be very determined. Yildiz is a successful endurance horse finishing 60 km.

Nefes, Born 2010

Arabian / Anatolian mare. Nefes has been born on the ranch. She has inherited the friendly and calm temperament from her mother. She is easy to ride and is very careful with inexperienced riders. Nefes is a successful endurance horse finishing 66 km.

Manken, Born 2006

Anatolian mare. Manken is an eager and willing sport horse who has been in training with a young, talented rider in Istanbul. She has been successful in endurance rides finishing 88 km and is the perfect horse for riders who like fast and spirited horses.

Irem, Born 2014

Arabian / Anatolian cross. Irem is born on the ranch and is starting her training to become a safe and reliable trail horse. 

Gül, Born 2007

Arabian mare. Gül is a spirited, fast and beautiful mare. Gül is a successful endurance horse, finishing 100 km and was Turkish champion 2015 and 2016. She is in training to be competing in international endurance rides with Ercihan's son. 

Zorlu, Born 2009

Anatolian cross mare. Zorlu had a bad start into life. Handled by inexperienced owners, all attempts to ride or drive with her went terribly wrong. Ercihan believed in her good heart and brought her to the ranch, even though she was biting, kicking and bolting. With patience and training she has now become a successful endurance horse finishing 60 km and experienced riders can enjoy her enormous strides in canter.