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The Ranch

Ercihan built the ranch in 1988 on the land of his grandfather on the shore of river Kizilirmak. It includes a barn with 30 boxes, a riding arena and paddocks. A small restaurant completes the arrangement, which is run by Erdem Eren. The garden restaurant is home to many animals, birds, ducks, chicken and rabbits and it is now a very popular spot for families where children love to see the animals. Ercihan's son Bekir offers short rides and riding lessons for children and adults.


Horses are his lifelong passion, when he started to build a barn on his grandfathers land by the river Kizilirmak, everybody thought he was crazy. But the business flourished and he soon became an inspiration for other horse lovers in the area. In 1988 Ercihan went traveling and settled in France over winter. „I thought I new everything about horses – when I travelled, I saw that I knew nothing.“ It was a start of lifelong learning – he lived in France and in Oregon / US working with horses. Back in Turkey, he started engaging in Endurance riding with his son where his horses are competing successfully. However his greatest passion is to ride in untouched nature and show the beauty of his country to riders from all over the world. He has organized rides exploring historic routes throughout Turkey, on the silk route, the route travelled by the Turkish explorer Evliya Çelebi in 1671 or the Phrygian Way. He also went riding in Mongolia, Ethiopia, Botswana and South Africa. Ercihan speaks Turkish, English and French.